Letter from Carsten - Decmeber 31, 2012

December 31, 2012
The week Katie was confirmed, and we met a stray Husky dog

So as usual things are crazy. Katie was confirmed yesterday, and tonight's Christmas eve! this week reed was sick again so we didn't get to do much, but Thursday we had a great planning session nd started the area by scratch by dropping everyone and finding all new people! which has paid off, because we keep receiving ridiculous and awesome referrals! so that's really nice, haven't had to knock too much yet, i still hate that :P anyways, things are good. it snowed the other day, that was a pain for the biking stuff ha ha, so i bought myself some long johns today cause my legs get COLD! but i have a sweet jacket. the only thing i need are some ear muffs, Walmart doesn't sell em, can you believe that? i was disappointed in them ha ha.

So weird story this morning after shopping, there was this stray miniature husky. it was brilliant white with pretty gold eyes, and it was so nice! well, it followed us home and we couldn't let it suffer in the cold, so we let it in and gave it water. we spent 2 ish hours with it and never heard it bark or growl, and it sniffed around but didn't tear up anything or eat any scraps by the garbage. it was the most well behaved dog iv ever seen! well, we called tons of people, and eventually the husband of the manager of the building took it to his house, hes a dog lover. so hes gonna take care of it till someone shows up, or just keep it ha ha. we both really wanted to keep it ha ha it was the nicest thing ever! sad to see it go.
that's the story. I gotta go now bye love you all!

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