Letter from Carsten - February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013
The week I had a bike accident!

So, i had a bike accident - I was riding on the sidewalk behind Neff (btw i freaking hate riding on the sidewalk, more so now) and Neffs large. well i looked down for a second, and looked back up and there was a giant light post in front of me. well, i rammed into it super hard haha, it just hit my shoulder softly, but the bike took a lot of the shock from it, its still perfectly workable, but the fork holding the front tire is super bent back haha. I'm pretty sad i messed it up. but yeah, forgot to mention that, so now you know!
PS:  Pam and Dad, the bikes doing really well, I'm super blessed to not have hardly any problems with it, while all the other missionaries here have crappy bikes, and they fall apart all the time. and i try to keep it lubed and checked up, but its getting a little unresponsive, even after i align the gear and stuff, and i was wondering if i could take it into the bike shop one of these days if it gets any worse to fix it up a little better by someone that knows what they are doing. but idk how much it would cost, and i don't want to just do it without asking. so just lemme know what you think :).

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