Letter from Carsten - January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013
The week with my new companion, Elder Neff

So i got a new companion! His name is Elder Neff from Camas Washington, hes 6 foot 5 and has a year on the mission. And he love to work! which is exactly what i needed as a companion, cause with elder reeds sickness, i was getting sick of the apartment.

So now things have picked up a ton! we work all day long and are super busy!

Last night we went and taught the girlfriend of a youth in our ward Armando, his girlfriend is named Rose. So we ended up teaching in Spanglish to her and her parents and sister and 2 other people that were there, and it was awesome! they loved it and agreed to read tho BofM and pray about it, and apparently were asking Armando all sorts of questions after we left so that's super awesome!

Anyways, i love you all very much. but i want to play basketball. bye!

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