Letter from Carsten - January 21, 2013

January 21, 2013
The week we met a "Born Again Christian"

So as a companionship, Elder Neff and i have learned how to enjoy finding, and that if you think it'll be fun and successful, it will. and if not, it wont. and that's the whole equation.

So we have been continually finding and knocking and contacting, and we have found a lot of cool people from it. We taught this one referral named Leticia, shes really cool and wants to learn about the Mormons. and she has a lot of big hard questions, Tuesday night we were asked allllll about polygamy, it was a fun challenge. and we found this cool older couple too and the he cried after we said the opening prayer cause she felt something super special. that was cool, and then we taught them the Restoration and asked them to ask god if the stuff was true and they said they would! so that was cool.

And we taught La familia huereca, the daughter rose is a cool youth in our wards girlfriend. we taught them for the second time scrips out of 2 nephi and asked them to be baptized, and the dad was like no we have all been baptized before and we don't want to be playing with the things of god. well we taught them a bunch of things, and then asked them if they had received the gift of the holy ghost by the laying on of hands directly after baptism, which of course they said no to, and so we explained how baptism without that is pointless, and shard acts 19:2-6 with them which talks about people being baptized AGAIN by proper authority, and then receiving the gift of the holy ghost by the LAYING ON OF HANDS. and it was cool, he changed from no absolutely not to, if it were that i were wrong about this, i would want to be the one to baptize them. so that was really cool.

Then we went on a blitz and the second door we knocked Elder Calder my friend was like i am so sorry, but i really need to use the restroom, and she was like ohhh yeah come in please! and at first she was super nice, but then we ended up being stuck in the for 2 and a half hours. she is a born again christian and taught us all sorts of things about how the father son and holy ghost are one individual being (see Mark 13:32, how could the father know, but the son doesn't? cause they are separate) and that you have to baptize in the name of Jesus and not the name of the father and the son and the holy ghost (as it says in Matt 28:19) so she was nuts and wouldn't let us even speak really. but it was a fun experience nonetheless haha.

So its been a good week! a stressful one but a good one! love you all have a good week!

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