Letter from Carsten - January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013
The week we were robbed!

This week was crazy busy! which was great. First off, we had a super awesome exchange with 2 special missionaries. Elder Maxwell (yes mom, my MTC companion!!!) and Elder Rockhill (who's amazing) are on special assignment to do special exchanges with the entire Spanish speaking mission to help us be more awesome. And it was amazing! i was with good old Elder Maxwell again, a full year and a half after we were last together, and it was amazing! We had lots of miracles and found a lot of super amazing people to teach. IT was absolutely amazing.

Also another cool experience, we have these awesome investigators named Nazario y Rosalba Palomo, they are an older couple, and were referred to us by the bishop of Palmdale 1st ward. And they are amazing! they want to be baptized, and they love us coming over, they always read their reading we leave, and ask good questions and are great. So Saturday we had Hno y Hna  Olivas come with us, cause they are similar and same age and situation, just super solid members. So they because best friends and it was awesome! and yes, it is the olivas that are my family! if i haven't explained yet, my step dad Steve has a brother named mike, who married the daughter of Hno y Hna olivas! so i eat dinner all the time in the house where my aunt was raised, and now they are helping us with this awesome investigator family. They came to church too and loved it! and the olivas were with them in all the classes to help them feel good, it was sick! so things are awesome.
Now for the weird weekly story. last night we come home and I'm like hey Neff, why is the door unlocked? did you leave it again? and he said he didn't think so. well i just assumed he forgot again. so we go out back and put away the bikes. and then we had a good planning session, and figured out the next day, and then he goes hey, lets get some music going i need classical now. and so we go to hit the ipod, and its not there! which is weird, and i stand up and say dude, the ipods are not where we left them, did you move them? he said no, and that's when we figured out that we had been robbed! haha pretty weird huh? too bad they didn't know the missionaries don't have a darn thing of value haha. so we checked the apartment, our cameras were fine they didnt find them, and my gps was still there, so all they took was the 2 ipods haha. but they did look through Neffs camera bag and my suitcase, but that was it! and then neff saw police lights outside, so we went out and talked to the policeman and had him come look at what happened, turns out he was there for the same thing the same way to someone else in the complex, they were robbed ipods and a PlayStation. so yeah, there will be a fingerprint technician coming soon, but the cop was really cool and it was just an interesting experience! so yeah, no worries (especially you mom) alls well, no harm, no more ipod but its whatever! haha and yeah, that was the crazy week!
Have a good week love you all!

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