Letter from Carsten - March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013
(The one where we baptized Leticia Lopez)

This week was crazy! do i say that every week? i think i do, but oh well its always true. So why it was crazy. Well, i got sick with the flu, and stayed in a members house one day all day long and slept while Elder Neff went and working with another Elder in our area, and then i got back in the game and got 4 flat tires from the tube i bought last week, and things were crazy!

But in he thick of it all, yesterday we had a great baptism! Leticia Lopez was a referral that we contacted end of January, and met with her 5 times before she got baptized! she was super prepared, and we don't even feel like we did anything, but it happened! We woke up at 5 in the morning yesterday to fill up the font (the only time she could do the baptism was BEFORE church) and turns out the water heater was broken AGAIN, so the water was freezing cold. And she has a fear of cold water. Well, she did it anyways, and after she got super dizzy and was feeling really bad after cause of the cold, but then we were able to do the confirmation same day at sacrament meeting right after, and she came out of it all super strong! So she's great, and church was amazing. On top of it we had 5 people at church, which we somehow managed to juggle among the 5 billion other things we were taking care of, and things worked out really well!

So yeah, things have been crazy, but for real. maybe all my other emails say things are crazy without too much meaning, but this week was crrrazy. love it! haha so yeah, have a good week!
(enjoying one of my P-day's hiking)


Allan Mendoza said...

He was at my house that day he got sick but no worries we took real good care of him:) Ellsworth is doing such a great job out here in Palmdale, it's amazing.. He's such a great influence and I'm honored to be serving with him... Even though I'm not a missionary yet. Well again he's doing super good and he is enjoying his birthday very much :)

Barbara Wiser said...

Allan - So great to hear your comments about Carsten. Thanks so much for taking care of him while he was sick. Your going to make a GREAT MISSIONARY!