Letter from Carsten - April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013
(the one where we had cool miracles)
So we had a lot of cool miracles this week.
One of them had to do with a lot of tiny little factors that led to us an incredible family. we followed a prompting to go to an old investigator and ask for a referral, which as I did I could feel that I wasn't coming up with what to say, it felt like they were being given to me. The person accepted and gave us an incredible referral even though she wasn't at all interested!
And the other cool miracle is teaching a super cool lady that had ALREADY read up to 2 Nephi 4 in the Book of Mormon BEFORE our 1st lesson with her, who then accepted a baptismal date.
So things rock here! 
Today we have a zone BBQ and its gonna be sick!
that's it! love you all!
(my life long goal being realized)

Letter from Carsten - April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013
(the one where Marisol got baptized)
So yeah! biggest, and freshest in my mind is that Marisol got baptized yesterday! I got to this area and we started re-teaching her after a month or so of  no contact, and she was suddenly golden and excited about the gospel!
So we taught her all the stuff and she got baptized! it was pretty cool. She's gonna be a good help for the young women here. and she's already good friends with the girl Erica that was baptized the week before i got here.
We have a few more people similar in age that hopefully could have a baptismal date soon too! so that's been pretty cool.
We do baptisms in the stake center, so i got to see a bunch of people from Arleta and Van Nuys wards that I hadn't seen in a good while! that was really cool! So yeah, yesterday was a good day.
Now we just gotta hit the pavement and knock doors till we find some more people that will progress.
That was the highlight of the week, other than that things are normal, trying to find the prepared and teach with power and authority. Elder Garland and i do really well together, we have a good thing going on, and members started feeding us a little more. And the Elders in my district are hilarious and we get to see them often. So things are good! This week we have a zone conference with President Hall, supposedly it'll be a really good one!
Anyways, love you all! adios!

Letter from Carsten - April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013
( the one where we had general conference an preparing a baptism)

So, general conference rocked, obviously. It was a great recharge for us missionaries to get out there and hit the pavement.

Our awesome investigator Marisol, a cool 17 year old girl, came to all 4 sessions of general conference! And she loved it. she is excited for her baptism this Sunday.

Everything has fallen well into place for her, we are super excited. Other than that we're working hard at finding. The only real finding activity in this area is knocking - we cant even go street contact cause the streets are always deserted. yet there's not enough room on the curb to park your car cause there's already 500 too many parked there! so its not like a ton of people don't live here.

But we knock away. we have a few investigators that could progress so well right now, but things just get in the way. But we will continue working with em! anyways, that's all i can think of!

Love you all!

Letter from Carsten - April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013
(the one where I got transferred with a new companion - Elder Garland aka Bieber)
Well hey! So the big news of the week, i got transferred! yep, no more Palmdale :( I'm gonna miss that place a lot, especially cause we had so much work to do. but that's ok.
Some sister missionaries completely took over our area and should do well with our investigators, and Elder Neff stayed in Palmdale he just went to the other area in the same ward! which is super funny. So he will be able to guide them as they teach our investigators.
I'm in the valley, in San Fernando. The ward is huge and pretty good, the only down to that is that 3 member families live in our area! so that's pretty rough on dinners and findings. We don't get meals with members very often here
Today we went to Costco cause Elder Garland, my new comp, has a Costco card! Got my beloved muffins!
My companion is from Canada, and i call him Elder Bieber. But then he gets upset with me so i take it back -  hes super cool though. I'm his 4th companion and this is his greenie area, he has been in his first area for 8 months. but its a good area, its just really hard to find for me cause i am used to a good area book of people to visit and a lot of members to ask referrals from, and this place doesn't have that. 
I'm used to being able to street contact a lot, but for some reason the streets here are almost always empty, no one walks around. so I'm definitely taking a minute to get used to it. But yeah that's the update! cant think of anything else!
love you all lots, have a good April fools day!

Letter from Carsten - March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013
(the one where 9 people came to church, a kid vomited in sacrament, and we got pink-washed)

Well, its official. I achieved the self-given award of the most hectic Sunday of my mission, but it was sick! some investigators we found the night before came and loved it, we had tons of people at church and they all liked it, and it was great. but we had a lot to juggle with the baptism of Juanita later that day, and keeping everyone on track and happy.

A kid of the new investigators threw up in the chapel in sacrament, which we had to clean in front of everyone! and it smelled bad, but it worked out.

We had to say goodbye to the whole ward and take pictures, because we found out that me AND Elder Neff are being transferred out. so, things have been crazy. this area has exploded with work, we have soooo many people to teach and soooo much to do.

Yesterday we had a baptism for Juanita, which went extremely well, and then next week and each week after that for over a month, there is a baptism here every week. and we wont get to see any of it. this area is nuts, we typically have around 8 people at church! weekly! its so crazy! so things have just been insane. and then, we found out we are both being transferred. and, get this. ITS A PINKWASH! which means that they are replacing us with 2 sister missionaries! oops, gotta clean the apartment better hahhaha :P but yeah its good actually, cause we only teach women, which means its hard for us cause we have to have a guy with us. so they can take good care of the women, and typically, sisters find more men and teach them more than elders, which is what this ward needs. so things are going great.

So thats the update. its crazy, we have more things to do today than like ever before. haven't even started packing lol, and still have a lot to do to prepare the house to take over our area. we will see what happens. anyway, love you all!

Letter from Carsten - March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013
(the one where I had a birthday - I'm 21)

Hey! so our area is so busy! we are teaching tons of people, and we keep forgetting entirely to teach people. we are working on our planning, but things are going well.

We had 8 people at church and some even liked it! and we have been doing lots of stuff here, its really tiring. but things are good!

I had a birthday, but got hit with mega bad allergies that day, that was lame. but i got some cool gifts from family home and members here, and we went to ihop for my birthday lunch with my favorite youth!

So all in all, super good week, super busy work. i don't even remember well what's happened, but I'm out of time essentially so you'll just have to ask me the story of Palmdale when you see me in person after the mission :P

love you all!