Letter from Carsten - April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013
(the one where I got transferred with a new companion - Elder Garland aka Bieber)
Well hey! So the big news of the week, i got transferred! yep, no more Palmdale :( I'm gonna miss that place a lot, especially cause we had so much work to do. but that's ok.
Some sister missionaries completely took over our area and should do well with our investigators, and Elder Neff stayed in Palmdale he just went to the other area in the same ward! which is super funny. So he will be able to guide them as they teach our investigators.
I'm in the valley, in San Fernando. The ward is huge and pretty good, the only down to that is that 3 member families live in our area! so that's pretty rough on dinners and findings. We don't get meals with members very often here
Today we went to Costco cause Elder Garland, my new comp, has a Costco card! Got my beloved muffins!
My companion is from Canada, and i call him Elder Bieber. But then he gets upset with me so i take it back -  hes super cool though. I'm his 4th companion and this is his greenie area, he has been in his first area for 8 months. but its a good area, its just really hard to find for me cause i am used to a good area book of people to visit and a lot of members to ask referrals from, and this place doesn't have that. 
I'm used to being able to street contact a lot, but for some reason the streets here are almost always empty, no one walks around. so I'm definitely taking a minute to get used to it. But yeah that's the update! cant think of anything else!
love you all lots, have a good April fools day!

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