Letter from Carsten - April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013
(the one where Marisol got baptized)
So yeah! biggest, and freshest in my mind is that Marisol got baptized yesterday! I got to this area and we started re-teaching her after a month or so of  no contact, and she was suddenly golden and excited about the gospel!
So we taught her all the stuff and she got baptized! it was pretty cool. She's gonna be a good help for the young women here. and she's already good friends with the girl Erica that was baptized the week before i got here.
We have a few more people similar in age that hopefully could have a baptismal date soon too! so that's been pretty cool.
We do baptisms in the stake center, so i got to see a bunch of people from Arleta and Van Nuys wards that I hadn't seen in a good while! that was really cool! So yeah, yesterday was a good day.
Now we just gotta hit the pavement and knock doors till we find some more people that will progress.
That was the highlight of the week, other than that things are normal, trying to find the prepared and teach with power and authority. Elder Garland and i do really well together, we have a good thing going on, and members started feeding us a little more. And the Elders in my district are hilarious and we get to see them often. So things are good! This week we have a zone conference with President Hall, supposedly it'll be a really good one!
Anyways, love you all! adios!

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