Letter from Carsten - March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013
(the one where I had a birthday - I'm 21)

Hey! so our area is so busy! we are teaching tons of people, and we keep forgetting entirely to teach people. we are working on our planning, but things are going well.

We had 8 people at church and some even liked it! and we have been doing lots of stuff here, its really tiring. but things are good!

I had a birthday, but got hit with mega bad allergies that day, that was lame. but i got some cool gifts from family home and members here, and we went to ihop for my birthday lunch with my favorite youth!

So all in all, super good week, super busy work. i don't even remember well what's happened, but I'm out of time essentially so you'll just have to ask me the story of Palmdale when you see me in person after the mission :P

love you all!

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