Letter from Carsten - March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013
(the one where 9 people came to church, a kid vomited in sacrament, and we got pink-washed)

Well, its official. I achieved the self-given award of the most hectic Sunday of my mission, but it was sick! some investigators we found the night before came and loved it, we had tons of people at church and they all liked it, and it was great. but we had a lot to juggle with the baptism of Juanita later that day, and keeping everyone on track and happy.

A kid of the new investigators threw up in the chapel in sacrament, which we had to clean in front of everyone! and it smelled bad, but it worked out.

We had to say goodbye to the whole ward and take pictures, because we found out that me AND Elder Neff are being transferred out. so, things have been crazy. this area has exploded with work, we have soooo many people to teach and soooo much to do.

Yesterday we had a baptism for Juanita, which went extremely well, and then next week and each week after that for over a month, there is a baptism here every week. and we wont get to see any of it. this area is nuts, we typically have around 8 people at church! weekly! its so crazy! so things have just been insane. and then, we found out we are both being transferred. and, get this. ITS A PINKWASH! which means that they are replacing us with 2 sister missionaries! oops, gotta clean the apartment better hahhaha :P but yeah its good actually, cause we only teach women, which means its hard for us cause we have to have a guy with us. so they can take good care of the women, and typically, sisters find more men and teach them more than elders, which is what this ward needs. so things are going great.

So thats the update. its crazy, we have more things to do today than like ever before. haven't even started packing lol, and still have a lot to do to prepare the house to take over our area. we will see what happens. anyway, love you all!

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