Letter from Carsten - May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013
(the one where my hijo was born)

Yep, its official, I'm a trainer. My companions name is Elder Linford from draper Utah, and we have now survived one week together! He's a really cool guy, he just barely turned 19 on Saturday. We get along really well, and he has adjusted to things pretty darn fast. He's already pretty used to the daily does of life, and he's getting good at missionary work quick and learning Spanish too!
Elder Linford is starting from basically nothing with Spanish, but its cool cause the people we are teaching will get to see how huge of a difference the gift of tongues will make and that's always cool. Today we will play some sports (YESSSS!) and then go buy him a bike.
His first week here and we found 5 new investigators, 4 of which were knocking doors. And that's more in one week that any other week I've been in this area. so that was sweet :)
Oh and other news, his like 3rd day here his bathroom flooded! and it totally nailed the downstairs neighbors, but they were really nice to us. But yeah, he was like a literal professional carpet cleaner before the mission, so he shut off the water, we dried up some, and then the carpet was drenched, so he just goes ok, lets dry out the carpet and pad, and yanks the whole carpet out of the floor! didn't even know you could do that. But he did, and it was good as new the next day.
And mothers day calls were awesome! Thanks family for loving me and talking to me :) And thus ends my last phone call home....CRAZY! Its gonna fly with my new young companion.
love you all!


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