Letter from Carsten - June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013
(the one with a week of hard times)
Well, this week was a little tougher than others. We had tons of lessons planed and brought out a LOT of members with us to all of them, and would even call the investigators the night before. But just about everything would fall through every time. and when the investigators would actually be there, the members would fall through, and we cant go into a house with no guy home, so we just wouldn't teach. so that was tough, but every time that wed had a super hard day, the end of the day there was always something awesome that happened, so i guess its all worth it huh?

Tania, the oldest daughter of our recent convert Jose. She's been doing pretty well, and was having some crazy experiences with prayer. She prayed and asked if the book of Mormon was true, and received a spiritual confirmation that it was, but then would get all the scary visions and images in her mind when she would think about it. and she said she knew it was just opposition. but we gave her a blessing to get rid of them and it didn't do it right away, and then last time she told us crying how her prayers had changed and how it doesn't happen anymore and she is so happy now and has seen a huge difference in the gospel. she was asking us what she has to do to be prepared for her baptism. so yeah things are going great. but then she didn't come to church, and we still aren't sure what happened. we will figure that out tonight.
But yeah, things have been crazy, and hard, but rewarding.
We were also able to confirm Genaveve as well, which was awesome. And other than that just working hard! this week we get to go to the temple, and then its a new transfer! things are great here in sunny California.
Love you all!

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