Letter from Carsten - June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013
(the one with the miracle weekend)
So things are going great in ole San Fernando! Yesterday was a great day. Jose Zamudio, probably my favorite investigator ever, was baptized last week, and yesterday was confirmed! That was a great experience, and then during church, the ward had interviewed him and he received the Aaronic priesthood immediately! He's doing super well, and loves the ward. He got a strong social conversion, and an even stronger spiritual conversion. 
On top of that, his oldest daughter Tania finally came to church! We had an extremely spiritual lesson with her on Saturday, and helped her know how to gain a testimony of the BOM, and she said she had already prayed and already knows that the book of Mormon is true and is excited for her baptism coming up on! But she just needed to get to church, which she did. and she said that whenever she would think about the spiritual confirmation she got of the Book of Mormon. she would have these strange scary images come to her mind of weird scary things. She says she knows that's just opposition, so she asked for a blessing, which we gave.
If that weren't enough, that night we had another baptism! Yep, Genaveve, Breanna, and Destiny got baptized! they are younger girls we found them knocking, their mom was less active. They were SO excited! Elder Linford and I both did the baptizing,, and since Breanna and Destiny are 8 we did their confirmations right after too. it was a really great night, and a great day in general.
So yeah! things are great here! love it!
PS: My bike and I are coming HOME in 2 months!
See ya SOON!

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