Letter from Carsten - May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013
(the one where the miracle man got baptized and we biked on a mountain)
Well, its been a crazy week! Jose Zamudio, one of my favorite people iv ever been able to teach, got baptized on Sunday. He was baptized a little over a month before we started teaching him, and since the first time we met with him he hasn't smoked or drank a single time. And he was smoking a drinking a lot before. So he's a miracle. His wife and one of his daughters are very recent converts, and Teresa his wife was soooo happy that he got baptized. We are already preparing them for the temple and they want to be sealed. its been great, he's super awesome and really funny, and reminds me a lot of a Mexican version of my dad. Tall, huge, and hilarious. But he doesn't speak English LOL, he's my Mexican father. But it was great.
And then, yesterday was Memorial Day, so all the libraries were closed, hence the late email. But the ward threw a huge ward party, and it was great! it went basically all day long and they were playing guitars and singing Mexican music, playing volleyball and other games, and there was lots of food, it was great! Even José and his family went, and they loved it, they are already like best friends with the whole ward.
Since it was also p-day so we weren't just gonna chill all day, we decided to be adventurous. so we met the ward at the park, but then we 4 elders went on a bike trip up the mountain right next to the park! And it was awesome, we went something like 3.5 miles in an hour and a half, and then rode down in 13 minutes lol. I was pretty glad i had recently replaced my brake pads and cables! But Poor elder Linford broke his bike. We were pretty blessed, cause it didn't break until the very end of the trail and he was stopped by a nice soft bush. but Elder Linford is huge. and his bike is huge. and his brakes almost don't work. We should have put that into consideration for this trip. Anyways, the brakes finally gave out in the back and jammed the rim, which for some reason then bent and broke to the point where it couldn't spin. It was awesome! But were glad he lasted till the end. and then we took it to our apartment, and i was able to replace it ith a spare rime and gears and lube it up and replace the brakes, so now its better than it was before haha.
But yes! things are great around here! We have another 3 baptisms coming this week, and are super busy! but that's the way i like it.
Love you all!

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