Letter from Carsten - July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013
(the one where i gave my first talk in the mission field)

So things have been great, hectic, and fun. Thursday we had a great basically mission conference with President Hall and learned a lot of really cool things, and then got new phones! Yesterday, Tania was able to get confirmed (Elder Linford did it in Spanish!) and that was a great experience. I also had to give a talk on Sunday :) it was cool, usually i freak out and run out of things to say and finish early, but this time it was a good talk, i didn't even feel nervous, and i went over time. they had to tug on my jacket and our ward mission leader was supposed to talk after me but we didn't even have time - oops!
Time continues to accelerate regardless of how close to the end of my mission i am, its pretty surreal. But things are great, Elder Linford is learning a lot and our area is basically without people to teach so we just try and find all the time, and things are great!

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