Letter from Carsten - July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013
(The one where illegal fireworks are all the rage)‏

Well, it was quite a week. It was the longest and fastest week I've had in a long time, it really didn't make sense. the week flew by, but i cant believe that last week was when I gave a talk and we had a BBQ! it feels like that was months ago. so the time warp continues on.

As for the week, it was a bit of a pain finding people, we didn't teach much or find like anyone which was too bad. But we keep going out and working anyways! It was a trying week for sure, but we keep learning lots of good lessons. And that was basically the week!

Still doing great and I cannot believe its like 3 weeks until I go home! Super weird.

love you all!

(new camera my little sister Gabby sent me...I LOVE IT)

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