Letter from Carsten - June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013
(The one where Tania got baptized)

Well, its been a CRAZY week, though i think i say that every week. But with all the meetings we have had, and various other random things like helping the sister missionaries in our district buy the right bikes, and going to crazy awesome church broadcasts, its been hectic.
First ill start off with the transfer details. We stayed the same, i will finish Training elder Linford and then be transferred to Arizona :P But the mission has gone through major changes! What was before 1 mission is now going to be 2 missions. and the 2 zones that were in the valley before are now 4 spanish zones!
And the district has changed a ton! Hna Hardy, an amazing missionary, went from being training to training right off the bat. shes in her 3rd transfer and is training Hna Allen, whos is hilarious and from utah. And they are on bike in the new sylmar bike area. And the Sylmar car area we got 2 awesome sisters, Hna Redondo from columbia and Hna hansen from Arizona, and they are also hilarious. And Elder Winward is training...again! in a trio, and he wont finish the training because he is going home! And his new companion is Elder Lo'amanu from Utah (but hes tongan).
So the district went from 6 missionaries to 9 in our ward! and its the best district of my mission, we have so much fun! I am like kind of sad that i have to go home :( cause this distric is incredible and the work is great right now and there are so many changes goin on, i just dont even wanna stop! didn't think id ever get to that point but i have, i love it here and i don't wanna leave! And last nights worldwide broadcast from the church started up the technology age of missionary work, what? facebook? blogging? skype teaching lessons, emailing and friend shipping investigators and less active members? yep. Thats all happening, and im leaving! dangit! And missionaries will start spending more time at our chapel on the computers doing stuff and being at the church a lot. its the coolest thing ever, no more dead hour with noone on the streets! Oh these new missionaries dont know how good they got it!
And in other news, We had a baptism yesterday too, and it was incredible. Tania Zamudio, the oldest daughter of Jose, got baptized. it was an incredible baptism, and now the whole family is active in the church and love it all! They are the best family of all time! Tania did so much and has changed so much its crazy! So that was a sweet experience. I got to do the baptizing, which was an honor. and yeah! things are great/crazy/awesome and im doing well :)
love you all!

(new district photo)

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